Frequently asked questions

We are an additional service but not a direct substitute. For example recorded deliveries are insured, but we don't offer insurance. The responsibility for delivery still lies with the designated delivery service.

These are the visual codes that can be scanned by recipients. Their technical name is QR code. When a smartphone camera is pointed at the code it loads a webpage where the recipient can confirm the delivery.

Yes we offer a service to businesses that process higher volumes of deliveries (more than 20 a month). For the time being, we provide a CSV template to copy/paste item and recipient details which we generate into batches of display codes.

As soon as the recipient scans the display code on the parcel and confirms their identity you get a notification via email.

We also have a text message option displayed on the printed labels you attach to the parcel. They can text the order reference to a number and you'll get a notification via email.

There is no 100% guarantee, however response rates are generally high and we send out notifications to the recipients ahead of time to let them know how to use their phone to confirm delivery. In cases where you are sending items of value, we would still urge the use of recorded delivery based on the added security and to use Sign by Phone as an opportunity to connect with customers at the point of delivery.

We have a focus on physical and mental health charities and any deliveries confirmed using the paid plan will donate 25p to the current charity. We use Justgiving as our intermediary platform.